Monday, October 5, 2009

Lost my B-Card!

I lost my B-Card, my Blogger virginity card that is!
I had to do something before going to bed tonight; something drastic! And then it occurred to me... I had to make the blog that I've always wanted! So, here I am in bed using my laptop to make my very first blog at 12AM (nearly 1AM!).
Hopefully word gets out there that there is another cosmetic addict and apparently on the rampage!
This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't of gone on and read the "Latest Product Reviews". I would have been asleep but impulse took over! My ritual is to read bookmarked/subscribed blogspots/Youtube Channels/Make Up review sites and check what other men/women are thinking about beauty products. I find if I do this, I'm more aware and informed of products I'd see at my local drugstore/grocery/cosmetic counter through the experiences of another person (who may or may not share the same traits as me - IE: skin & hair type).
In any case, I was reading some reviews and went haywire! There are types of reviews you KNOW to avoid when you see it. Example: "OMG! Vaseline is sooo horrible! Who the heck puts PETROLEUM on their face?! It blurs my eye, it's greasy and it doesn't even get my eye make up off! UGH, who would use this? Seriously! It's petroleum!!" Fine, I'll admit that was a LITTLE exaggerated but you get the point right? "WHO PUTS PETROLEUM ON THEIR FACE!?" <---- THAT, right there. When someone who points out an ingredient and goes, "ON MY FACE? REALLY!!? EWWW". My mom put this on my bottom when I was a baby to prevent diaper rash and it saved the both of us a lot of trouble. The problem with petroleum jelly is that it is derived from crude oil (very un-natural). Now a lot of you may go, "So.. the same ingredient made to produce gasoline is baby oil and Vaseline?" Well if you think of it that way; don't drink Coke! Don't drink Mountain Dew either! Coke used to be fuel for airplanes yet to this day it is still being ingested as soda.
What I'm really trying to get at is that petroleum jelly is cheap and easy to manufacture. Thus making it cheap and accessible for US! If you want an alternative to petroleum jelly and baby oil, try extra virgin olive oil. For moisturizing? Body butter, duh! Albeit, it isn't as affordable but you won't have your conscience nudging your sides all day.
Besides that, what I really meant is: Don't follow biased/non-thought through and un-informative reviews on ANY beauty site. Try and remember that most reviews are opinion based rather than researched.
I guess that's it for now, I hope you lived to finish reading this little rant/tip/opinion/thought.. blah blah blah! Goodnight ladies & gents :)

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